Colorado Travel – Top Five Places of Things to See and Do When in Colorado

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To better help you enjoy the ultimate vacation to Colorado, I’ve compiled what I believe to be the top five places/things to see and do when in Colorado. Hopefully this list will help you to better enjoy and plan for your trip, and truly to get to visit some memorable places that you won’t soon forget. This list of top five places is both diverse and magnificent, and can make any trip to the Rocky Mountain State one that you will remember for a long time to come.

Aspen: Perhaps the most advertised and the best known city in Colorado, with exception of course to Denver, Aspen has much to offer. This quaint and lavish town boasts a historical main street that offers street-side vendors, authentic foods, the opera, wine tasting and plenty of cool little shops to explore. Of course, skiing and snow sports are the main bread and butter in Aspen, so make sure you hit this place up during the snowy months. Don’t forget to check out the nearby Maroon Bells for awesome views and some breathtaking, scenic hiking.

Breckenridge: Taste a little bit of Colorado history and small town candor when you are in Breckenridge, which boasts more than 250 buildings on the National Historic Register. The 12 block downtown area offers shops, eateries and lots of cool site-sees. This town frequently hosts festivals and other attractions, has some of the best outdoor sports (hiking, hunting, fishing, etc) in the state, and offers some amazing ski slopes, catered towards the snow sports enthusiast.

Miller/Coors Brewery: Don’t forget to stop by and get a free tour of this amazing brewery, one of the largest beer breweries in the world, where Miller and Coors beers are made fresh every day. Free samples are offered to guests that are 21 years of age or older.

Mesa Verde National Park: One of the largest and most culturally-rich national preserves and parks in the United States is a must-see when in you travel to Colorado. This site features more than 4,000 ancient, historical sites, and plenty of amazing natural formations and wildlife.

Chimney Rock Archaeological Area: Another must-see with Colorado travel. Make sure that you get a guided tour of this ancient preserve, which was inhabited by the Pueblo Indians over a thousand years ago.


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